1-2 Year Olds

In these classes over the weeks the children will begin to develop awareness of their own body and internal pulse, (feeling the beat).

This is achieved through their parents / carers with actions such as knee bouncing, rocking and gentle tapping of different parts of their body. These actions are performed while enjoying various rhymes and songs in addition to moving in simple circle dances.

Is this the right class for your child? ——– although this class age starts from about 1 year old it is amazing how quickly they will progress especially if there are older wee ones attending the class.  In this class children up to 2  1/2yrs old can happily come along and the materials used will be adapted to suit so they will never be bored.  If they have never attended this type of music class before then this class is a perfect starting point. children can be moved up to suit how they are progressing.  However, please contact me to discuss this further as it isn’t all about their age, they need to feel comfortable and happy in the class.

Please see the ‘Latest News’ page for August 2021 for more information on the recent changes and booking classes.


In addition to learning and experiencing music the classes support other early years development such as coordination (clapping, tapping), language, imagination, listening, confidence, social skills (sharing, waiting for their turn), memory and concentration.  Their many senses will be further engaged through interaction and use of scarves, puppets, ribbons, simple percussion instruments and many more props. They will feel the different dynamics – loud and quiet, fast and slow and high and low which are not just applicable to music.

At the beginning of every class we sing a ‘hello’ song and individual ‘hellos’ to each child.  To finish we end with cuddling teddies and listening to a variety of music, different styles and cultures, (mainly soothing lullabies) before finally singing our ‘goodbye’ song.

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