2-3 Year Olds

As a child’s language skills develop they will now begin to join in with the rhymes and songs.

Their knowledge, understanding and use of vocabulary is further encouraged through introducing more rhymes and songs to their repertoire while still reinforcing the basic aspects of repetition and active learning.

Is this the right class for your child? -;

  • Your child turns 2 before the end of October 2019, (the new academic year 2019 -2020)
  • They have attended previous Music Box classes or have experienced similar music classes
  • They are going into their ANTE PRE-SCHOOL year starting in August 2020

then this is probably the class for them. However, please contact me to discuss this further as it isn’t all about their age, they need to feel comfortable and happy in the class.

Please see the ‘Latest News’ page for August 2021 for more information on the recent changes and booking classes.


Their fine motor skills continue to be developed through more complicated finger rhymes and activities. Their gross motor skills, (coordination of their arms and feet) and feeling the pulse, (feeling the beat), continue to be developed by using a wider variety of percussion instruments and props.

They will be encouraged to interact more with their peers by holding hands in a circle, (along with their parents / carers), or by passing on objects after their turn such as a ball, lollipop drum or other instruments or props.

They will be encouraged to make their own choices by coming forward to choose a puppet or percussion instrument as well as coming forward to return them at the end of the activity.

They will continue to feel the different dynamics – loud and quiet, fast and slow and high and low which are not just applicable to music.

By the middle of the year they will be introduced to the sound and feeling of Mummy Bear and Baby Bear who represent a crotchet and a quaver.

By the end of the year they will start to be more independent from their parents / carers and be comfortable participating in the class.

At the beginning of every class we sing a ‘hello’ song and individual ‘hellos’ to each child.  To finish we end with cuddling teddies and listening to a variety of music, different styles and cultures, (mainly soothing lullabies) before finally singing our ‘goodbye’ song.