May 2020 Update

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing?  I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks since we were all together.  In our house we have all managed not too badly but had our moments however overall it been pretty ok.  At long last the lock down restrictions are very slowly and cautiously being eased. Fingers crossed it keeps going in a positive direction but it will be a long process.

Just as a wee reminder to everyone on my public facebook page (MUSICBOXKEY) I have posted daily challenges being posted by NYCoS (National Youth Choir of Scotland) and have adapted / given suggestions of how some of our younger folk might be able to do them.  Also NYCoS has launched their ‘WEE SING SUMMER’ project which occurs every June.  Although it is mainly aimed at Primary school children, like the other challenges, I have suggested some alternative moves so the younger wee ones can join in.  Everything is all about having fun, working to keep a steady beat and to foster a joy and love of music in the true Zoltan Kodaly inspired approach.

I have also posted weekly over May, and will be continuing until the end of June, in the private family group Music box facebook page, bitesize Music box class videos.  These are divided into 2 age groups (1-3yrs and 3- 5yrs).  I am also posting other musical ideas and book readings. (If you have been attending Music box you can ask to have access to the private group by liking the main facebook page (MUSICBOXKEY) and once I receive notification I can invite you to join.)

I am not charging for the posts but any donations would be appreciated. If you contact me on my email I can advise you on how to donate.  All proceeds, along with some fund raising being done by my 2 children as well, will go to the NHS, the Carers Support Trust and towards out local food bank support.

I am not sure when we will get back together but until we do take care and stay safe.