June Update

Hello everyone,

Well here we are at the school holidays after 14 weeks of lock down. I hope you are all surviving and have kept well.  I have missed you all and the enjoyment you all your lovely smiling faces brought to me.

I hope those of you who signed up to the private Facebook page have enjoyed the Music box bitesize videos posted from myself and the ones I shared from NYCoS.  I enjoyed doing them and I will try to post some more over the summer break.

I’m still not sure what will happen as far as classes are concerned after the summer. Although the schools are potentially going back full time that does not necessarily mean classes like ours will be able to get back. Hall hire places will have the mammoth task of ensuring cleaning requirements are in place and whatever else they need to do to keep everyone safe. I will also be checking what I need to do to comply so it is a lot to be looked into for everyone involved.

If we do start back I will be aiming for late August/ beg of September but will keep you updated.

In the meantime, have as good a summer as you can whether you are still staying at home or managing to have a break somewhere in Scotland or the UK.

Take care, stay safe and keep well. 😊