January 2021

Hello everyone,

A Happier New Year to you all.  It feels more comfortable to say ‘happier’ rather than just the word ‘happy’ as we are all still facing many challenges and trying to cope with these challenging times.  Hopefully more company’s vaccines will be approved allowing more people to have access to be vaccinated.

As yet we are still not able to get together.  Singing unfortunately, due to the concerns over the aerosol spray projection and that then carrying the virus, continues to be a source of concern for transmitting this infection therefore sadly singing is still not permitted in most settings.  Also most of the hall hire venues remain closed for use.

I had considered about doing classes which are socially distanced, with reduced numbers and following all the guidelines, when we are not in a higher tier lock-down situation, however after a lot of deliberation I felt that this maybe fine for the older wee folk but not so great for the smaller wee folk who also have adults participating too.  Venues, as I said before, are not open and if they are there is a lot of rules and regulations that need to be considered so again this poses another huge challenge. Online was another option but having  not had much support for it, mainly because parents are working from home, home schooling of older siblings and numerous other challenges I have decided to leave things for now.

It will happen again.  We have come this far and there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I have said before.  The important thing I feel is for us all to keep well, try as best we can to soldier on, be kind and help each other and try not to be too hard on ourselves.

Take care.