4-5 Year Olds

Now in their preschool year the children are becoming more conscious and aware of all the musical concepts.

They are more confident to sing out and participate in partner games and activities.  They are encouraged to work together much more, and the games and actions are more complicated.

They will further develop the skill of inner hearing, their thinking voice, (the ability to hear musical sounds inwardly, like the ability to do mental maths or read a book silently). This is an important skill not just if they wish to go on and learn an instrument but also for school.

As mentioned above, if your child is going into their preschool year, then this is probably the class for them. However, please contact me to discuss this further as it isn’t all about their age, they need to feel comfortable and happy in the class.  (Also this sometimes can be a mixed class of ante preschool and preschool depending on numbers and ability.)

Please see the ‘Latest News’ page for August 2021 for more information on the recent changes and booking classes.



Tuned percussion instruments such as chime bars, hand bells are now introduced however everything continues to be reinforced to the children by using puppets, untuned percussion instruments, (eggs, claves) and the endless variety of props.

They will be introduced to solfa and corresponding hand signs which helps with their sense of pitch, (the ‘height’/ position of the note, is it higher or lower in the melody/tune).  The solfa approach is where every note on the scale has its own name, (for example in the major scale – do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do). The hand signs are used to help with pitch showing where the music is leading, is it going up or down feel the spaces between the notes of a scale.

Children will now be reading more complicated stick notation rhythm patterns of (Mummy Bear) ta and (Baby Bear) te-te, ( I ) crotchet and (l‾l ) quavers although they still don’t know their true names.

They will be introduced to listening to music and be guided to imagine to hear what the music is telling them, to express what they feel when they hear different pieces; does it sound happy or sad, is it trying to tell you a story about something.

At the beginning of every class we sing a ‘hello’ song and individual ‘hellos’ to each child and to finish we end with our ‘goodbye’ song.