Hello, I am Dorothy and I run MusicBox Glasgow.

Music has been a large part of my life ever since I was a little girl, it was my hobby and my ‘escape’/ release mechanism. Singing was my principal musical passion with piano following a close second.

I achieved grade 8 Vocal and Grade 7 piano when I was at secondary school. Upon leaving school I maintained my singing as an ‘amateur’ singing with various groups over the years. I regularly took the role of solo mezzo soprano at performances of Oratorios and Masses. In recent years I performed in many recitals, Burns suppers and musicals with The Lindsay Singers; particularly Café Noir by Charles Barron, commissioned for The Lindsay Singers.

When children came along I reduced my singing activities considerably through necessity. Nevertheless, our household was a hive of musical activity. The kids very quickly caught the musical bug and both attended Mini Music Makers through NYCoS and Colourstrings classes up to P1 and moved onto the Williamwood High School weekend music community thereafter ——- the rest is history as they continue with their own music activities.

It was at this point I took the plunge back into actively participating in music at a more serious level. I qualified as a Early Years teacher through Colourstrings International school and have also achieved level 1 Primary methodology through NYCoS (Primary 1-4 level). I have also achieved Musicianship qualifications level 1&2 through the Conservatoire, Glasgow and recently through the National Youth Choir of Scotland completed the ‘Go for Bronze’ training to teach musicianship.

I run my own classes on a Friday in the south side of Glasgow in addition to also teaching at 4 nurseries (private / council) nurseries also in the southside of Glasgow. I am registered on the online trading network listing as a registered provider for East Renfrewshire and Glasgow City councils for schools if anyone should wish me to do a 6-8 block or would appreciate some support in delivering their music programme. The lesson plans I use are in line with the Early Years Curriculum for Excellence requirements and were written by the Education Director of NYCoS, (National Youth Choir for Scotland), Lucinda Geoghegan.

I have been involved with a number of projects over the years with NYCoS, (National Youth Choir of Scotland) and currently work at the Wee Sing choir in Hamilton.  It is such a privilege and so satisfying spreading the word, so to speak ,of the power of music! I also teach at classes on a Saturday morning at First Steps to Music, pre-school years and P1/2. On a Wednesday I teach the anti pre-school, pre-school and P1 children and also assist with musicianship training for the training choir which feeds into the main choir at the Academy of Sacred Music (run by Joan Dillon, Head of Sacred Music at the Conservatoire, Glasgow ).

I am originally trained as a general nurse and midwife/neonatal nurse. In 2015 I made the decision to try something different, have a change and find something else that gave me a buzz! I started to work as an assiststant helping out at various early years music classes throughout Glasgow and I qualified in March 2016 as an Early Years music teacher myself. In May 2017 I finally I took the last big step to leave nursing completely and to follow my new career. As anxious and nervous as I was about it all, I have never looked back. I am so privileged to have the chance to work in 2 careers which have and are giving me a lot of fun, challenge and satisfaction.

I regularly attend summer schools run by the BKA, (British Kodaly Association) and NYCoS, (National Youth Choir for Scotland) and a variety of workshops throughout the year to keep my skills updated in order that I can deliver the best standard of teaching I possibly can for the wee people who participate in any of my classes.